Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Tell the Story of the Bible?

It is quite popular (and politically correct) to say that there are many different roads that lead to God and what is really important is that one is truly sincere in his or her beliefs. Many would argue that it is bigoted, intolerant and unloving to suggest that there is only one way to know God’s love and forgiveness and that all other roads claiming to lead to God actually lead to final disaster.

The story of the Bible runs cross current to these ideas so culturally appealing today. This story reveals that true relationship with God is only possible by hearing the story of Jesus Christ and entrusting our lives into his hands.

For this reason the Apostle Paul said of those who wanted to hinder the telling of this story that they not only displease God but are hostile to the whole human race (1 Thessalonians 2:15-16). In other words, it is totally unloving to stand against the One Story that has the power to bring us to God’s Salvation. Conversely, from Paul’s perspective, the most loving thing a person can do for all mankind is to tell the story of God’s Great Salvation Through Christ to everyone who will listen (Romans 10:14-15).