Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life Change Teams To Southern Africa

Marlene and I are planning to spend considerable time in Southern Africa during the course of this year. We are looking forward to joining our dear friends there in continuing to develop the strategy for planting new churches in that part of the world.

As part of the Newfrontiers family of Churches we are on a mission together – a mission to see the ends of the earth reached with the good news of the gospel and to see the kingdom of God advanced through planting new churches in as many nations and people groups as the Lord will allow. One of the ways we are training people to participate in this mission is by sending Life Change Teams to other nations. A Life Change Team is an opportunity to receive cross-cultural training through immersion in the life and culture of another nation over a period of about two weeks. The Life Change Teams are a part of our ‘From The Nations To The Nations’ training track that is designed to equip people for future cross-cultural ministry.

From about May 17-June 1, 2010, I will be leading our first Life Change Team to Zimbabwe. This team will spend time in urban and rural settings, learning and receiving from leaders who are involved in cross-cultural ministry. While the team will spend time serving the people there and exploring the culture of Zimbabwe, the main emphasis for our Life Change Teams is to go as learners. We hope to spend lots of time with folks from that nation letting them teach and train us.

The size of each team to Zimbabwe will be limited to five members for logistic reasons. We plan to send additional teams to Southern Africa January and June 2011. Anyone who is interested in applying for one of these teams should send an email to Lynn Fleshman at . More information about the cost and trip itinerary will be available shortly.